ROXY is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, in Trade since 1951, engaged in designing, engineering and manufacturing a wide variety of Public Address Systems like Amplifiers, Cassette players, Driver Units, Microphones, Loud Speakers, Reflex horns, Microphone Stands, Speaker Column Stands, Battery Chargers etc. ROXY offers broad range of Public addressing products where flexibility and reliability is essential. The products are designed for harsh and hostile environments characterized by indoor – outdoor usage.
The company has the expertise and posses requisite experience to provide safe and reliable products for Public Address purpose. ROXY products are widely accepted for its quality and are available through more than 100 dealers in India. We are also exporting to various GULF countries and Africa on a regular basis. We are looking for new markets both in India and abroad.


“Sh. K.V Jain, founder ROXY Group, assembling Amplifier in his first workshop”.